From everlasting to everlasting

From everlasting to everlasting

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Hidup Ini Adalah Kesempatan

Hidup Ini Adalah Kesempatan 

Hidup ini adalah kesempatan
Hidup ini untuk melayani Tuhan
Jangan sia-siakan apa yang Tuhan bri
Hidup ini harus jadi berkat...

Reff :

Oh Tuhan pakailah hidupku
Selagi aku masih kuat
Bila saatnya nanti
Ku tak berdaya lagi
Hidup ini sudah jadi berkat

#Lagu yang sungguh memberkati#


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2017 - Summary

 10 things I have achieved/done in 2017

1. Completed a 34-week class : Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study.
Phewww...when I signed up for the class in January, I knew I'm gonna sacrifice my Sunday afternoon (2 1/2 hours class) but I was determined to do it. It wasn't easy, I praise God for the whole 10-months journey. 

2. Exercise & keep fit
I tried as much as I can to exercise, mostly outdoor, jogging and walking. Sadly I didn't lose any weight but I'm happy of my progress and achievement. 

3. Family holidays to Bangkok / Pattaya
Though it was rather a last minute kind of plan but it turned out well. We had a great time and kids enjoyed themselves

4. Trip to Cambodia
I went to Cambodia for a short holiday with my sister, cousins and aunty/uncle. A memorable trip I must say. 

5. Organising committee for church fund-raising dinner
I thought I won't be doing it again , still I get myself involved heavily in it. Sometimes my mind says "'s enough, you have done it several times in previous years" but my heart will say "I love and enjoy doing this, so just do it! "
Ya..just do it. The joy, happiness and self-satisfaction that I got, none can compare. 

6. Gempuru Besai in Kuching
Again, we opened our house for some youth from our church in Miri to stay during 4 days Gempuru Besai. 6 of them.
I told my friend, I can easily do this with much love and joy and not a pressure at all. In fact, we're blessed by these youth too. 

7. Macbook 
Ya..Macbook in the house !

8. Sales - other business platform
Ermm...I signed up for another business sales that I may want to seriously consider doing it full-time in the future. I sat for the exam, attended once-a-week night class for 8 weeks.

9. Climb Mount Murud for International Prayer Conference
Yes..I did it again. My 2nd climb to Mt Murud. 1st was in 2005. 
I praise God for all the speakers and one message has answered my question so accurately and that has been my struggles for years. 

10. Get connected to my dad's side
I'm not close to my dad's family/siblings as I never been raised in his area/village. After few things that had happened in our family, we are getting closer  #familyislove


Do what you LOVE !

It’s 1st of January 2018.
A new day,
a new year,
same old me BUT “work in progress” to a better ME.

It so good to be back to my routine, walk in the park and sweat !

I hope to do more jogging and walking this year and keep fit #vogue40. 


Thursday, 2 November 2017

I'm Blessed - always

#throwback a bit

Hubby had a wonderful time in London during his short trip in September . As usual he will buy some souvenirs or goodies for us especially for the kids. Actually it's not hard to please us, some simple thing will definitely make us happy. We appreciate the kind thought and love gestures.

When he was there, he called up saying that he will buy me a purse...and he did! When he reached home , I totally forgotten about the purse because I was so overjoyed with varieties of chocolate. Being a chocolate lover, my heart melt whenever I see chocolate, it just makes me crazy hahaha.. 

After he unpacked his luggage, he handed to me one set of sport attire. For a moment I forgot about chocolate and my heart jumped with love and joy. Hubby may not be a perfect person but he knows what I would love to have and that makes him a perfect hubby. (jiwang  kejap - if I jiwang in Facebook, he said he will unfriend me kihkihkih). I love jogging, running and walking in the park, and this is just a perfect collection to my sport-leisure attire in my wardrobe, in addition to the few sets that he bought earlier . I wear this almost every time I go jogging now. See..told's easy to make me happy..hahaha.. 

I am blessed...always..

This post have been in my draft for months...gosh! 


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fried Spaghetti Craze

I don't know how it started, it happened just like that. 
Fried spaghetti is our new obsession and we just love it.


Walk & Jog - Leisure

# evening walk
# thirty minutes
# mind-therapy

Limited opportunity for my evening-walk routine lately due to bad and unpredictable weather. 

Anyway, I made a good effort in September, 23 times to the park and only 20 times in October. Like I said, weather doesn't permit me to enjoy the wonderful evening at the park. 

Also, I have new Saturday routine ; 10km morning-walk, have been doing that for 6 Saturdays now and I enjoyed it so much. 




Received this cute key-chain from good friends. They went for Hawaii holiday last month. 

Barbara = Palapala in Hawaii...hehehehh sounds funny but cute also.