From everlasting to everlasting

From everlasting to everlasting

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

CHRISTMAS ... Christ is the reason..

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord"

CHRISTMAS  is a season not only of rejoicing  but of reflection.

I love these quotes very much. Christmas is not only a season of jolly, happy and be merry, it is more than that..the birth of our Saviour, Lord Jesus. It is good to have some reflection and deep thought of who our Jesus is. Every time I reflect the goodness of God and his LOVE in my life, it brought tears to my eyes and heart. There are so many to be thankful, grateful for. He is just amazingly awesome..

This year's Christmas  we invited few friends and families to celebrate the beautiful, joyful and meaningful day with us. 

As usual we prepared and cooked our own dishes.Except for cakes and cookies, we specially ordered from one of the best bakers in to Diana. Thanks a bunch!

Sweet Sour Prawn

Steamed vege with oyster sauce

Spicy Tom Yam Cuttlefish

Dabai Fried Rice

Chicken Kacangma (Herb)

Fried Bihun

Pork Pansuh (Bamboo)

Colorful cakes. I fall in love with the green cake - yummehh

Chocolate chips, seaweed, pineapple roll and peanut cookies

Layer cake given by my sister. 

"Life is beautiful from all angles. Find it and you will be amazed of what it can be. Just like one layer cake, if you cut it from different side, you will get different patterns but all are wonderful and beautiful in their own ways" *Life reflection* I posted this on instagram.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Night to Remember

I attended a Pre-Christmas dinner organized by Persatuan Dayak Sarawak (PEDAS) last Saturday.

It was a great one though it started off with no electricity all over Kuching, just when the event was about to start. The event was supposed to start at 6:30pm with some of the VIPs had arrived on time.  However the dinner only started at 8:15pm when the power is back to normal.

The program arrangement was good, the food...ermmm...average perhaps. 

My sister, being the organising chairperson, addressed the opening speech - it was short, sweet and precise. 

We took few photos together.

My sister, my best friend, my gossip partner and she's everything to me. 

Do we look alike? Ahaksss...perhaps no. 

Photo taken with my so-grown-up and pretty niece, Esther and her friend Carol. 

The guest of honor for that night - YB Baru Bian, didn't take any photo with him. 

There's photo taken with YB Ali Biju. 

Some other photos with friends, Andrew and Endy. That was our first meet with Endy though we're friend in facebook for quite sometimes.

Also with Anthony

A generous and kind-hearted friend gave me this mug. Thanks heaps!

Had a chance to meet some other friends in person, which we're friends in FB but had not met before. It's always good to have more friends and friends and friends hahahah.. 

Dinner ended at around 1am, of course there were karaoke and joget session that kept the event joyous and lively.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Porkies BBQ

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate

Happy faces with super delicious food.

Bryan's : Tower Burger. Honestly, big portion (RM20) with coleslaw and fries

Beatrice's : Cheesy nachos. Nice when taken hot, when it's just out of the oven. (RM<20)

Hubby and me : Mixed grilled (about RM40). More than enough for all of us.

Total around RM100 including three drinks

We went home with a happy tummy lalalallalaaa....


Ling Loong Seafood King Centre

I love prawns but too bad my kids don't like it. Beatrice can still take a bit but not Bryan. As I was craving for prawns so badly heheheh, so we decided to go to Ling Loong Seafood located at King Centre. I went there once with my sister and this is the first for our family. We ordered just few type of dishes, knowing that we wouldn't be eating that much.

Deep fried three layer pork - kids loved this so much

Butter Prawn - yummeehhh

Midin - for hubby and me

Sweet corn soup

RM75 for our food and drinks. Well, quite reasonable I think.


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Holiday means Happiness

Woke up at 9am. Start my day with nice breakfast (dalam hati rasa guilty tapi perut mau)  "the spirit indeed is willingbut the flesh is weak."

Pulut panggang 

Thought today there will be some nice movie on tv, unfortunately, none. 
So Beatrice and I went to Coldstorage, bought a packet of flour, chocolate chips and muffin tray. We made muffin..yes muffin. Opsss..that muffin tray couldn't fit in to our oven huhuhu..what a waste !

Our muffins were bit special, dwarf version. It didn't rise nicely however it tastes nice. Hihi...extra point there! 

Afternoon, after we sent Bryan to Arena Sport Centre for futsal, Beatrice and I went to Vivacity. Beatrice bought 2 short pants, which she has been wanting to have for quite some times. Of course she's very happy. We catch up with Imel, Elna and Wen, good friends of mine just for a short moment before we have to pick Bryan up from futsal.

Barb and her crazy friends hahaha..

And now we're enjoying the evening @ Stampark swimming pool. 

Nice weather

Beatrice and Elizabeth

What a beautiful day ! 


Friday, 19 August 2016

German Sausage - Kuching Fest

Few years back, we loved to go to Kuching Food Fest but not lately. Crowded, hot, lot of people (obviously) and no place to sit and enjoy the food. 

Last 2 weeks we went there. As usual and expected, crowded and hot, we only spent about an hour and kids didn't want to walk around anymore. 

Hubby bought one German sausage and it cost RM15. Goodness..for something that wasn't even filled up our stomachs and I was like gggrrrrr... 

Not worth for its portion. Well...of course it's something different. (Just to console myself) 

We bought other food too like burger and fried big onion. 


Rainforest Garden Cafe

Friday night is a family night out. We will try some new eating place, which actually not new in town but it's new to us if we never been there before. 

So just now we went to Rainforest Garden Cafe. Never noticed this place till recently. So we decided to give it a try.

Nice environment, cooling, nice set up too. 

Few food stalls - fried items, western, durian desserts, burgers and sandwiches, also lok lok. 

Heard about its burger but the stall wasn't opened tonight.

So I ordered tomato crispy mee. I always like tomato crispy mee but not all places has a very nice one. The one at Jalan Song Thian Cheok is still the best.

Here's how it looks like. I don't really like the presentation, prefer it more if the noodle wasn't in round circle shape. The messier the better hihihi.
The taste...ermmm not so. The fish cakes and fishballs didn't smell fresh. 

Rating 3/10 (RM5)

Hubby ordered fish and chips. Nice and quite a big portion too.

Rating 7/10 (RM14+)

Bryan had his grilled chicken with black pepper sauce. Nice though the portion was quite small.

Rating 7/10 (RM12+)

Beatrice as usual didn't take much food so she had french fries only. Nothing extraordinary.

Rating 5/10 (RM3.50)

Quite reasonable and clean too.